My 5 Favorite Quotes From “The Art and Business of Online Writing” by Nicolas Cole

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I just finished reading the book The Art and Business of Online Writing by Nicolas Cole and enjoyed it. While I folded several page corners in to revisit, I limited myself to listing only 5 quotes here:

“Your job is to study the competition and understand exactly why they are succeeding in the first place.” (Page 126)

“Every single sentence you write online, you are fighting for the reader’s attention.” (Page 158)

“People don’t buy products. They buy solutions to urgent problems.” (Page 296)

“… but I don’t find ‘playing the lottery’ to be a very strategic life decision.” (Page 313)

“Basically, anything you know how to do, with an end result that other people want as well, can be sold as a service.” (Page 321)

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