Searching is easy. Here’s how to make it even easier.

This browser extension will reduce the number of steps it takes to perform a search by replacing the default “new tab” screen, allowing you to get results faster.

When I open a new browser tab, I’m about to do one of two* things:

  1. Search Google
  2. Go to a non-Google site to perform a search

My latest extension is “New Tab: Search.” It’s very similar to Search Funnel, being a shortcut to perform a search (for example, getting Amazon results) by replacing your “new tab” screen.

But isn’t searching already pretty easy?

Yeah, but there’s a handful of steps involved when you think about it. Typically after opening the new browser tab, you have to:

  1. Type in the web address (ex.
  2. Press Enter to actually visit the desired site
  3. Click in the search box on the new page (unless you have an extension like AutoFocus Cursor)
  4. Type in what you’re searching for
  5. Press Enter to perform the search

So why use this Browser Extension?

This Chrome Extension replaces the “new tab” screen with a search box that can redirect you to the desired search results without having to first visit that other website. The number of steps above has been reduced to:

  1. Click the search box
  2. Type in what you’re searching for
  3. Click the button where you want to search

Steps 1 & 2 from the original formula are now irrelevant! Depending on how you open the “new tab,” you’ll probably have to still first click in the search text box. Chrome wouldn’t let me automatically put the cursor there (in most cases) 😏. Either way, I’m still removing at least 40% of the process!😎

This will save you a few steps and thus get you the results faster ⚡⚡.

Can I customize this?

Yup! I also added a few options to customize, including:

  • Select which of the 15 pre-defined services appear and the sort order
  • Ability to open the search results in an incognito window 🙈
  • Light/Dark theme 🌝🌚

Where can I get this?

Download it for free from the Chrome Web Store.

Is it only for Chrome?

While originally designed for Chrome, Microsoft Edge supports this extension.

*Yes, I only perform one of those TWO actions when opening a new tab. To open bookmarks/favorites, I do NOT first open a new tab. Instead, I click the mouse wheel while hovering over a bookmark; typically from my Bookmarks bar. You can even use this trick on regular links in a website (ex. Google search results).