Latest Side Projects: *Two* Google Chrome Extensions

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I just launched two extensions (add-ons) to enhance browsing with Google Chrome.

AutoHighlight Input

Description: Automatically highlight text in an input box when clicked.

When you come across a pre-populated input box and go to click it, chances are your intention is to delete the entire content and replace it with your own.

This extension will save you the step of manually highlighting all of the text once the input field gains focus. The content of the input will auto-highlight so you can easily delete or begin typing over the existing content.

Sample Use Case
Amazon search results will show what you searched in the textbox at the top screen. To perform another search, you have to first manually highlight the contents in the textbox to remove it.

Download the AutoHighlight Input Chrome Extension here.


Description: Automatically open the current page in Incognito Mode.

Sample Use Case
Some websites (ex. news articles and blog posts) won’t allow you to view the content unless you:

a) Pay for a subscription

b) Wait for your allocated number of “free page views” to reset (ex. each new month)

Going Incognito will often allow you to view the webpage. This extension saves the time it takes to copy the existing URL, open a new Incognito window, and then visit the page.

Download the AutoIncognito Chrome Extension here.

As long as you’re here, check out my other Google Chrome Extensions

These aren’t “new,” but as long as I’m promoting my Google Chrome Extensions:

AutoFocus Cursor

Description: Automatically set the focus to a search text box when the page loads.

Sample Use Case
Useful on websites where searching is the first thing you want to do (I’m looking at you, Amazon).

Download the AutoFocus Cursor Chrome Extension here.

Search Funnel

Description: Simply type in what you want to search, then select where to view the results from. Saves you from creating extra bookmarks to go to the site before searching. Download the Search Funnel Chrome Extension here.

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